PalaeoLab resources

Carefully chosen items to encourage young interests in animals and the science of palaeontology, and found no-where else online! 


Discover more about PalaeoLab's products from signed books to dig-your-own-fossil kits and top-class microscopes, as used in sessions. 

3D Fossil Gallery

Investigate hundreds of specially crafted 3D models of priceless fossils. These models are for classroom use before or after sessions.

3D Extinct creature recreations

Find our more about what we think extinct creatures looked like in life, by exploring a multitude of 3D models created by the world's top modelling scientists.

The (infamous) Wheel of Death

This resource is for teachers who wish to build on Darwin's big idea, natural selection. This is the spinning wheel used in many of Jules's sessions - a playful, entertaining way to consider in more detail the theory that changed the world.

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Jules has been making field-trip videos using a special virtual reality camera, offering young people a chance to visit jaw-dropping places and learn some amazing science... all in VR!



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