Feedback from teachers about Jules's workshops...



“This was one of the days when I actually wished OFSTED could be present to witness the awe and wonder."

- St Michael’s Junior School


"The kids are still buzzing about the visit and want to know when you’re coming back! The day was amazing and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Jules delivered exactly what we had asked him and pitched everything at exactly at the right level. The kids were hooked on every word he said and showed some excellent learning. Would definitely have him at our school again."

– Littleworth Grange School, Barnsley


"A super day - the kids (and staff) got loads out of it. Jules had a lovely manner with the children and changed the pitch just right for the different age groups."

– Southroyd Primary School, Leeds


"Everybody had such a lovely time! Loads of positive feedback from ALL age groups. Many parents have also come and expressed how excited their children had been by the sessions."

- St Francis Primary School, Swindon


"Thank you for the fantastic day at St Peters. Everyone was really impressed with the sessions, from reception right up to year 6."

- St Peter's Primary School, Tower Hamlets


“The visit got the whole school talking about science - most of year 5, 7 and 8 now want to be 'fossil hunters' and several have requested that their parents take them on a fossil collecting holiday! It was great to see all the students talking so animatedly and showed them that there is so much yet to discover.” 

- Notting Hill Prep School


“An excellent day. The children thoroughly enjoyed their experiences and every class wanted more! We would definitely recommend a visit.” 

- Whitton CE Primary School

“Wow!  What a wonderful day, Jules was so enthusiastic and his love of what he does was apparent. His ability to inspire the children (and adults) was immense.  The differentiation between year groups was very well pitched and the children were so enthusiastic and learnt a lot from Jules!”


Children were heard saying: “that's been the best day ever at school!”


- Abbotts Ripton CE Primary School


"The response from the children and staff was overwhelmingly positive. The sessions were totally hands-on and the children were so interested mainly because Jules is so passionate and enthusiastic about his subject. In terms of value for money, we would have really struggled to give our children this sort of experience any other way. We will definitely be booking another session next year."


- Middleton Primary School


"Staff and children were very positive about the experience and enjoyed the 'hands-on' learning they would not have had the opportunity to do without this visit from Jules. I also liked the way the sessions were tailored to the needs of the children."


- Nechells Primary School


"Would we do this again? Undoubtedly, this was school budget spent effectively and gave the children the opportunity to be scientists  for the day and who knows maybe the future scientists to lead others. We will be repeating these sessions again next year for more lucky children."


- Horsforth Featherbank Infants School


"The children loved this hands-on workshop. It was a fantastic end to our Science Week."


- Middletown Junior and Infant School


"Thank you Jules, a brilliant workshop! The children were motivated and enthused throughout the session and after you left didn't stop talking about what they had done all day. School treasured memories are made of this! We have now changed the subject of our class assembly which we are due to perform in two weeks, and are now going to base it upon the work done with you, sharing photos and information of our experience."


- Golcar St John's I J&N school


"Our pupils were very involved and interested. An excellent session - which we will certainly be booking again."


- St Thomas More Secondary School, Buxton


"The children had a fabulous day and the staff were very impressed too! Thank you so much for an interesting day and for being so flexible and accommodating. We look forward to next year!”


- St Edmund Catholic Primary School, Richmond


"Our children really loved it and were so excited to see everything up close. They loved the fascinating facts and were still talking about their experiences the following week!"

"Jules was excellent. He was as enthusiastic with the last class of the day as he was with the first."

- Newnham Infant School, Middlesex



“What a fantastic day the children had working with you and your fossils. It was one of the best workshops we have had in school. You left quite an impression."


- Warwick School 


"A big thank you to you- the kids had the most brilliant day and haven’t stopped asking dinosaur related questions!  Everyone commented on your rapport with the kids and how you made science accessible to all of them.  Overall, it was a fantastic day, interesting and educational and in a fun way that the children could relate to, I will certainly be booking for next year.” 

- St Aubyns Primary School, Camden


“Very well organised and well prepared. Jules is great and very adaptable! The children love the activities and there is always a 'wow' factor that they talk about for a long time after! A great day and well worth it! Thanks again!” 

- St Edmunds RC Primary 


“Children and staff were enthralled. Having a real hands-on experience made this an absolute winner with all of the children. Wonderful!”

- Kingsway Primary School
“The enthusiasm and knowledge from Jules enabled the whole school, from Reception to Year 6, to 
enjoy a great day.  The children are still talking about it.”

- St Paul’s CE Primary 


“Both children and adults had a great time, it was brilliant. We also had smiles on our faces all day and the children talked of nothing else. So much so that afternoon lessons were ditched to do lots of follow up work from the session. I don't think I've seen them that enthused about anything before so well done!”


-  Gawkesdale Primary School


“The children absolutely loved this day and the teachers will definitely be booking this from now on.”


- Shaw Hill Primary School


“We had the experience over two days as our school is quite large. All the children and staff had a fantastic time. The follow up activities the children have done from foundation stage to year 6 was amazing."


- Carlinghow Princess Royal J, I & N


“Jules is absolutely fantastic. His natural rapport with children made for a really super day that everyone at our school really enjoyed. Many, many thanks.”


- Banners Gate Infant School.


“The sessions were well differentiated across the school from N to Y6. Thank you for a super learning experience.”


-  Holy Trinity C of E Primary School



"This was an absolutely fantastic and engaging day! Every child was fascinated and had loads of questions afterwards. The teachers were unanimously positive and said this had provided important hands-on first hand experience which is often hard to afford. Jules was patient and knowledgeable. His passion for the subject was evident in his teaching. Well worth the cost. Thank you Jules!"


- White’s Wood Lane Junior School


"What a fantastic day we had with Jules! A total professional who engaged the children in their learning from start to finish. The resources were of a high standard, the teaching excellent and the learning opportunities superb."

"I would highly recommend him to other primary schools and will be booking him again in the future. An outstanding individual who was a pleasure to work with."


- Chingford C of E Primary School


"It was a great day, the look on the children's faces said it all - the teachers enjoyed it too! The children are still buzzing and are really interested in learning more. Thanks very much for inspiring them!"


- Carlyle Infant School


"The teachers' feedback from the sessions was fantastic! The teachers said his knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject was really impressive. He had a great rapport with the children of all ages and his resources were brilliant. We would be more than happy to welcome him back any time." 

- St. John Fisher Catholic Primary School


"The children found this very enjoyable and informative and we would certainly be interested in this visit again. He linked it to the curriculum and engaged the children right from the start."

- Oakwood Primary School


"The children had a brilliant time. We would definitely do it again..."

- Holy Trinity School, Hackney


"Jules kept the children interested and motivated! They really enjoyed their sessions and so did the teachers."


- Limpsfield Primary School, Surrey


"The session was amazing and the children have learnt so much from it. They are now very inspired and feeling even more enthusiastic about dinosaurs and fossils after working with you today, so much so some of them were running off trying to find fossils as soon as they went out to play!"


- New Invention Infant School, B'ham



“Our fossil workshop sessions were probably the best we have ever booked. They were so hands on, with high quality resources - Jules' passion for his subject hooked the children straight away. I had to drag my children away at the end of their session they were so full of questions and wanting to speak to Jules. The whole experience really enhanced our teaching, thank you.” 

– Cavendish Close Infant School. 


"All of my class now want to become scientists! It was really inspiring stuff." 

– Nightingale Primary School, Hackney


“Thank you for such an excellent day. The children learnt such a great deal, and handling these artefacts helped them no end in grasping these concepts. They all wrote about how much they loved identifying the insects trapped in the amber, and were absolutely buzzing as they went home tonight!” 

- William Alvey Primary School, Lincs


“The children really seemed to enjoy their day and have been bringing in lots of fossils from home. The feedback from parents has been really positive too.” 

– Pendle Primary School, Lancashire 


“The Rendcomb College Junior School pupils really enjoyed their sessions. The children continued to talk about dinosaurs and fossils for the rest of the day and I still hear children saying, “What evidence is there?” when we talk about something in class. Thank you for an inspiring and truly interesting day.” 

– Rendcombe College Junior School


“The feedback from your session was very positive.  Comments from pupils included 'it was very interesting’ and ‘I learnt a lot about things like amber' and 'really fun, enjoyable hands-on practical session'. Many thanks for your visit - it certainly added value to our Inspiration Week's activities.” 

- Navenby Primary School, Lincolnshire 

“The feedback from staff and children was very good indeed.” 

– Brookfield Park Primary School, Lancs



“This was a fabulous experience for all our children and staff. Jules was extremely knowledgeable, was very well organised and developed a fabulous relationship with the children very quickly. It was one of the most exciting things our children have experienced this year (and staff!). It was excellent! We will definitely be booking your services again. Many thanks.”


-  Stoke Minster CE(A) Primary School


"The pupils and staff had an absolutely fantastic day with Jules! He has an excellent, approachable manner with the children who were engaged throughout, relishing the hands-on nature of the workshop. Jules' enthusiasm for his subject is infectious and the children came away buzzing with new ideas. We look forward to booking in our next visit! A brilliant end to our topic...thank you!"


- Hollingwood Primary School


"Jules is so enthusiastic and had children aged 4-11 engaged from the start to finish of these sessions. The children and staff are still talking about the facts that they have learnt, days after the visit and keep asking when he is coming back. I would recommend Jules to any school - it was fantastic."


- Christ Church Charnock Richards Primary School


"The children enjoyed every aspect of the visit. Sessions were delivered really well and catered for all children concerned."


- The Summerfield School


"The day was extremely well organised with lots to see and do."


- Green End Primary School


"My class haven't stopped talking about our session. They wrote some fantastic reports the next day and have been investigating like mad at home, using the internet and encyclopaedias. It has certainly inspired them and we would definitely welcome a return visit."


- High View Primary Learning Centre


"Students engaged throughout the session and obviously enjoying it! Will be booking it again!"


- The Gedling Secondary School


"Jules had a lovely approachable way with the children. He interacted so well with them and they were totally engaged with what they were doing. The sessions were practical and the children loved the thought that they had 'discovered' something!!"


"All the children in my class thoroughly enjoyed it! My class range from children on the autistic spectrum through to above average ability and each individual came away telling me what they had learned."


- Manorside Primary School


"All our children from Reception to Y2 had a session with Jules over the day during our National Science week. They all thoroughly enjoyed their time with him. He made it interesting and fun and the children were very inquisitive to find out more by asking him lots of questions. The day ended with a lovely short session with the whole school using his digital microscope which was fantastic. Thanks once again Jules. We recommend you unreservedly."


- Ecclesall Infant School




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