Field trips to fossil sites in Peterborough, Dorset and London


Are you looking for a real-life fossil hunting experience? Perhaps you would like your pupils to experience a chance to learn what it takes to get into palaeontology? PalaeoLab can help. We offer bespoke fossil-hunting tours for school groups at a location of sites around England. This is a unique, educational and exciting opportunity to get hands-on in the field of palaeontology.

Fossil-hunting with students in Charmouth, Dorset.

Where are the sites?
PalaeoLab operate field-trips to a number of sites in England, including Dorset, Peterborough and central London. If you can get your pupils there, we can do the rest!
With an expert TV guide, pupils can see first-hand how fossils form and what they tell us about the creatures that used to live in Britain. Fossil finds may include ammonite shells, belemnites, fish teeth, crocodile bones, ichthyosaur vertebrae and fossils of plants and coral. In most cases, pupils can keep the fossils found. In some cases, if a fossil is particularly spectacular, pupils will be supported in working with natural history museums to identify and record species and their descriptions.
Pupils are provided with all equipment, including magnifiers and hammers. A digital microscope and laptop will be on hand for stranger discoveries. Risk assessments provided.
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