Staff training and INSET services

As well as producing creative science content, Jules also provides INSET training sessions for schools and bespoke one-to-one services for academic institutions who are keen to improve their skills and communicate science effectively.

Many sessions involve: thinking creatively about science in the national curriculum; adding "WOW" moments to practicals and opportunities; injecting curiosity into curriculum planning. 

As well as working with selected schools, Jules also works closely with Cheltenham Science Festival. On behalf of the festival, with help from the British Council and EDF Energy, Jules contributes to the FameLab Academy -  a project to help pupils, teachers and STEM Ambassadors communicate science in new and exciting ways.

Please make contact to discuss your training requirements - sessions can be added to a day/half day of pupil workshops at a reduced rate, or booked separately to suit your needs.  As for all other enquires just email

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