125,000 pupils and counting...

PalaeoLab has a single aim: to inspire a new audience into science - particularly zoology, palaeontology and the study of evolution, as well as promoting the use of critical thinking skills in primary schools. We set a target this time last year. PalaeoLab wanted to work face-to-face with 20,000 pupils and 100 schools during the 12 months until 2017. And guess what? Mission accomplished… and then some! In 2016, PalaeoLab’s Jules Howard worked face-to-face with more than 25,000 pupils across 105 schools across Britain, as well as working with Edinburgh Science Festival, Big Bang Fair, Cheltenham Festival, Wilderness Festival and other events in the US and Canada. This brings Jules’s grand total to … 125,000 pupils in six years of science communication!

The statistics we have gathered and the feedback we have received from teachers and pupils will

feed into England’s national STEM coordinators, STEMNET.

If you were one of the schools with whom Jules worked, then a big THANK YOU to you!

Here’s to 2017!

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