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Hello, this is a bit of a personal post from me (Jules!). I've got some exciting news that I can't wait to share with you! Over the past few months I've written an app that allows pupils to go on VR field-trips through a mobile phone. These videos are free to use and correspond to Key Stage 2 national curriculum targets. The 360 videos feature museums and other educational sites across the UK, including the Jurassic Coast. They are written and presented by me.

PLUS! The app is totally free!

Sound good? Brill. I need your help though...

The app will be released formally in June 2017. It will be available to everyone, totally free. BUT! I need your help to trial it before the proper release. Interested? Intrigued? Then please do read on...


I work with many schools that can no longer afford the cost of field-trips and, well, I think this is a terrible thing. Without early experiences of natural wonders, what kind of scientists will we encourage? And how will we encourage them? It worries me. I also work with many pupils, particularly in hospital schools, whose field-trip opportunities may be limited. What chance might they have? I believe that, without field-trips, we limit the potential of young people considering a life in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths).

To remedy this and because I want to do something about this and can't afford to take school groups out for free (wish I could!) I have been making field-trip videos with a VR/360 camera to offer to interested schools (and those pupils seeking extra-curricular stimulation) an opportunity for pupils to visit jaw-dropping places and learn some amazing science.

With a simple Google Cardboard headset and a mobile phone, pupils can now explore field-trip locations like The Natural History Museum, The Jurassic Coast and Cheddar Gorge, whilst learning about curriculum concepts that include life-cycles, foodchains and classification.


​Yes. These 360/VR videos are available through a free app available via Google Play (download it here or click on the link below) and videos (presented by Jules) are updated regularly. The videos are not intended to replace field-trips (seriously, what could replace real-life field-trips?) but they offer, I hope, an alternative to those on a limited budget or those with limited mobility.

Please download the app and give it a whirl! Tell me what you think and how it might be improved. (And, if you like it, please do tell others about this page via Twitter or Facebook). Alternatively, email me if you have suggestions for how we might work together or if you would like further information. I would absolutely love your support.


Thanks very much for your time!

All best,



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