NEW ONLINE SHOW: What I learned this week...

What is weekly and features a presenter with a range of complicated and overly emotional facial expressions? MY NEW SERIES!

'What I Learned This Week' or #WILTWEEK (I am lucky that this title forms a gruff and manly acronym) is a bit like a chuckle-some news review programme for zoology-lovers, featuring new discoveries and insights I have come across each week in my work researching animals and their various ways. The first episode features mole rats, herbivorous spiders and fossil beaver dams. You can watch it now (your call) by clicking on the image below.

As well as going out to the hundreds of schools with whom I work regularly, #WILTWEEK will also be available via YouTube (you should subscribe) and on this very website so everyone just calm down, ok, because you'll get to see it. The first series will run for ten weeks, but it might continue if it's a labour of love worth labouring for. We'll see...

One more thing! Stuff like this is never fun if no-one gets involved so please send me your feedback, comments and ideas for future episodes. It'd be great to hear from you.

So that's it - I hope you enjoy it!

Love you bye bye x

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