House-keeping - some upcoming things of note...

Hello! It's been a busy few months! Edinburgh International Science Festival, Brighton Science Festival, FameLab plus a school fossil tour taking in 5,000 young people! Genuinely. it's been a pleasure so thanks to all the teachers and festival organisers for making it happen. This is the first time I've been booked out solid for six months, so... well, thank you.

So what next? Well, I'm glad you ask.

1. I have five books out this year, the first of which comes out in June 2018. It's called Creatures of the Order and it's a belter - all about how evolution creates wonderful diversity, namely biological orders. It's a picture book that will work alongside my evolution sessions with gorgeous illustrations by Kelsey Oseid (see right).

2. Schools! I am open to SCIENCE DAY bookings throughout May, June and July though my availability is a bit patchy. Make contact for details.

3. I am delighted to say I'll be working with Hampton Court Flower Show this year, taking my fossils and undertaking special amber workshops. More details to follow...

That's it. Thanks for visiting this website and please make contact anytime.

All best! Jules

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