OUR LATEST BOOK - 'Creatures of the Order'

Hello, it's me - Jules!

In the past I have written a couple of books for adults, but I am pleased to say that my first book for young people is now out! It's called Creatures of the Order and it's all about classification and how evolution creates wonderful layers of diversity - namely species, genus and (particularly) orders. Each order is gorgeously illustrated by Kelsey Oseid and includes loads of species accounts and weird animal facts written by myself and co-writer Fay Evans.

Creatures of the Order would be suitable for anyone with a love of animals, particularly suiting those between Key Stages 2 to 4.

Here's a little video showing how gorgeous this 80-page book is...

If you're thinking of buying a copy please do consider buying it through the PalaeoLab shop instead of on a certain global shopping website! Authors get much more financial reward this way and, plus, you'll be getting a signed copy from me! (plus a special prize inside). What more could you want?

There should be another two books out later this year - more on this, soon....!

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