Jules's second book for kids is out now!

Get ready for some blurb, friends...

How are animals able to bite, run, jump and fly? What special adaptations have they developed over time? Bones takes readers on a fascinating journey through the skeletons of the animal kingdom, with sections focusing on different animal abilities - biting, flying, jaws, tails, and more - explaining how skeletons and bones allow amazing animal bodies to do so many different things.

This is my second book for young people and it's been a real pleasure to write. BONES would be suitable for anyone with a budding love of zoology, evolution or animal anatomy. It would particularly suit those between Key Stages 2 to 4.

You can have your copy signed and made out to whomever you wish by buying it through this website. Just add your personal message details on checkout!

(P.S. Yes, it is on other online retailers but please consider supporting authors like me by buying books directly! (I make nothing on Amazon purchases, for instance. Plus, it's really lovely being able to personalise the products you purchase from us!).

Thanks for reading. I really hope you enjoy! - Jules

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