Get the Palaeolab app for free!

The Palaeolab app (Windows 10) is for use on whiteboards or other interactive screens in classrooms. It's absolutely full of resources to help your students learn about fossils and how scientists use them to discover more about prehistoric life. It includes:

  • Facts about forty dinosaurs and other prehistoric reptiles - learn more about the fossils that tell us incredible things about them.

  • A lively Q&A section with the Palaeolab's Jules Howard.

  • A colourful learning resource describing how fossils form.

  • Galleries of Jurassic fossils and insects regularly trapped in amber - sure to wow any class!

  • Case-studies of 10 amazing fossil scientists.

  • Discover the secrets of three famous dinosaur skeletons.

  • Three activities for your classroom, introduced by Jules. The fossil resources in these activities can be purchased through the Palaeolab shop.

The Palaeolab app runs on Windows 10 machines and is available to download  safely and securely through the Microsoft Store using a special voucher code provided to you for free.


If you're a teacher and you'd like to get your hands on this fantastic app for free then simply visit the Microsoft Store for further details. Enjoy!

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