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Since 2010 Jules Howard (BSc, MSc) has worked with over 125,000 pupils across the UK, delivering a unique brand of science communication focusing on nature's incredible history and what we might yet discover in the next 50 years about dinosaurs and other extinct animals, through the latest scientific techniques.




What were dinosaurs really like? Were they hairy? Feathered? Did they roar or did they sing? And how did they slide toward extinction? This popular activity looks at where the facts come from: fossils. During sessions young people search through piles of ancient fossilised bones for signs of extinct dinosaurs, 'super-predator' crocodiles and ancient insects trapped in fossilised tree sap.




This hands-on workshops involves investigations of fossils, shark teeth and articulated mammal skeletons - what can they tell us about the history of life on Earth? How did Darwin manage to piece it all together with his theory of natural selection? And how does Darwin's big idea affect us nowadays?

INTRODUCING FOSSILS: a hands-on session for Palaeo-infants

What is a fossil? And what do fossils tell us about the world before we were around? In this hands-on sessions infants are allowed an opportunity to handle and identify thousands of fossils, including fossilised tree sap obtained from Madagascar. The session finishes with a discussion about the mysteries that remain about dinosaurs and that young scientists will one day discover. What colour were they really? What noises did dinosaurs make? Why did so many of them ultimately die and what was the fate of the survivors, the birds?


INSET sessions for schools/groups keen on thinking creatively and passionately about science in the national curriculum and injecting curiosity into curriculum planning. Specifics can include adding "WOW" moments to practicals and increasing opportunities for pupils of all ages to interact fully in science lessons - to "think like scientists". 


PalaeoLab also offers a number of field trip options at sites around the UK, including in central London, in Peterborough and in Dorset, as well as a summer school for young people interested in a career in palaeontology or zoology. These opportunities are open to schools or private groups.

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